Bear Breaching Door represents the culmination of our field training and testing with some of the best in fire, law enforcement, and military. This door stands up to repetitive breach and forcible entry training exercises, with mechanical, ram, saw, pick & pry, hydraulic, thermal, and ballistic breaching. Give your breaching and forced entry training an edge with the most realistic training door on the market.

The Bear Breaching Door
The Bear Training Solutions Bear Breaching Door
The Bear Training Solutions Bear Breaching Door 2
  • PRY SPACE: 80” of vertical pry space (with replaceable and adjustable door stop)
  • FLANGES: Designed to be integrated into any new or existing training facility
  • SWING: Inward and outward swing
  • LOCK POSITIONS: 4 lock positions with wood dowel lock for explosive and mechanical breaching
  • CRUSH PROP: Integrated crush prop for ballistic, machinal and saw cutting breaching fits 24”- 32” doors
  • BREACHING MODES: Mechanical, Ballistic, Pick/Pry, Ram, Hydraulic, Thermal


Bear Screen Door Emulator is the first of its kind in today’s market of forced entry training doors.
It is designed to hinge on both sides, be forced through mechanical breaching means, or pulled/peeled directly off its mount to simulate an entry point with a screen door obstacle. Constructed out of maximum tensile strength performance steel, it’s composition and reinforcement is made to withstand great force and battering without material deflection. Not only was it arranged to mount directly to the Ultimate Training Door, it can be quickly mounted to any existing breach wall or shoot house with a 36” doorway opening. This versatility gives teams the ability to add depth to training evolutions with rapid turnover.

Bear Training Solutions Screen Door Emulator
Bear Screen Door Emulator
  • HINGING: Designed to hinge on both sides
  • MOUNTING: Designed to mount as a standalone on any 36″ door opening OR to mount within the Bear Training Solution’s Broco Training Door
  • BREACHING: Pick/Pry, Peel/Pull, Mechanical