The blade of the Iron Fox Flat Head Breach Axe is engineered to be extremely destructive and will damage anything you strike with it. When we created the flat head Breach Axe we took steps to maintain the same properties that gave the pick head Breach Axe its superior performance, feel, balance, and weight. We took the material originally used in the pick and added it to the rear of the axe, increasing the mass of the striking area. This made the weight and balance identical to the pick head.

  • 32″ black fiberglass handle
  • Halligan notch
  • 37″(total length) x 13″ x 2″
  • 11 lbs

In addition to adding stock to the rear and making the flat surface wider, we added a slight radius to the back of the. This radius improves the angle of impact and helps you strike your target more squarely. This reduces the chance of deflection and virtually eliminates feedback into the handle. We added a groove that allows halligan tool forks to marry to the head. A raised notch in the groove makes for a friction fit between the forks, eliminating the need to tether or strap irons together. This allows one to carry a set of irons in one hand and easily separate them when ready to force entry.

The Iron Fox Flat Head Axe works with our Ultimate Training Door.