The Bear Training Solutions Ultimate Padlock Prop Replacement Shackles:  A pack of 20 cold rolled stainless steel shackles to support multiple breaching & forcible entry training with just one lock. First, we created the ultimate padlock prop that could withstand multiple training exercises, we made it strong enough to stand up to repeated stress during training. Then, we created our padlock prop replacement shackles for the padlock prop, allowing for easy installation while training. Don’t waste time with new locks and keys. The Ultimate Padlock Prop will maximize your training capacity and efficiency.

The solution to repetitive padlock breaching & forcible entry training with one prop!


  • Bead blasted finish.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase multiple padlocks for training evolutions.
  • Shackles are secured with two Allen Key set screws to ensure rapid repetition between scenarios.
  • 3/8” cold rolled steel shackles.