The Bear Training Solutions Ultimate Padlock Prop is a bead-blasted stainless steel lock that is designed to support multiple breaching & forcible entry training exercises with just one lock. We developed the Ultimate Padlock Prop after years of repeated breaching & forcible entry exercises in the field with police, military, and fire personnel. Therefore, this lock is specifically designed to withstand multiple training and field exercises with a mechanism for quickly removing and installing new padlock prop replacement shackles.

The solution to repetitive padlock breaching & forcible entry training with one prop!


  • Lock carrier constructed out of stainless steel for strength and durability.
  • Bead blasted finish.
  • Padlock housing designed to receive pre-bent shackles for multiple forced entry operations with one prop.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase multiple padlocks for training evolutions.
  • Shackles are secured with two Allen Key set screws to ensure rapid repetition between scenarios.
  • Comes standard with 10, 3/8” cold rolled steel shackles.