This versatile and strong training door brings together our combined expertise and solid manufacturing to create a door that will stand up to repeated training and tactical exercises in the field. The Ultimate Training Door is made in the U.S.A out of T-1 heat-treated steel, based on our specifications after years of field testing breaching & entry methods with police, military, and fire.

The Ultimate Training Door showing all features
The Ultimate Training Door showing features 1 - 5
The Ultimate Training Door Showing features 6 - 8
  • STEEL WALL: Creates an authentic restricted space for increased tool manipulation skills
  • LOCK POSITIONS: 4 lock positions with wood dowel lock for explosive and mechanical breaching
  • PRY SPACE: 70” inches of pry space
  • CRUSH PROP: fits 24” – 36” doors for ballistic, mechanical and saw cutting training
  • DOOR PROP: Fully removable and replaceable door stop
  • DOOR MOUNT: For mounting full sized real doors and hinge pulling training
  • SWING: Inward and outward swing capabilities
  • BREACHING MODES: Mechanical, Ballistic, Pick/Pry, Explosive, Ram, Hydraulic, Thermal


The Bear Screen Door Emulator is the first of its kind in today’s market of forced entry training doors.
It is designed to hinge on both sides, be forced through mechanical breaching means, or pulled/peeled directly off its mount to simulate an entry point with a screen door obstacle. Constructed out of Heat-Treated T1 Steel, it’s composition and reinforcement is made to withstand great force and battering without material deflection. Not only was it arranged to mount directly to the Ultimate Training Door, it can be quickly mounted to any existing breach wall or shoot house with a 36” doorway opening. This versatility gives teams the ability to add depth to training evolutions with rapid turnover.

  • HINGING: Designed to hinge on both sides
  • MOUNTING: Designed to mount as a standalone on any 36″ door opening OR to mount within the Bear Training Solution’s Broco Training Door
  • BREACHING: Pick/Pry, Peel/Pull, Mechanical


At Bear Training Solutions, we are continuously innovating on your behalf. Many times when forcing a real door, there are only a couple good evolutions in that door before it is completely destroyed. This brought us to the creation of our Door Armor. Made of Strenx Performance Steel (three times stronger than mild grade steel), these two mirrored plates are designed to mount on each side of a real door. Our Door Armor holds the integrity of that door through multiple mechanical breaches or forcible entry operations, enabling you to feel the real flex and material reaction of a real door without replacing a door after every evolution.

  • STRENX PERFORMANCE STEEL: For increased strength and flexibility
  • BREACH PLATE MOUNTING: Pre-drilled mounting holes to accept breach plate
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Plus large area of protection to preserve integrity of mounted door